NEW Commercial and Catering Qualifications

We are delighted to announce that we will now be delivering new ACS qualifications & courses for Commercial and Catering.

These courses can be a part of our Managed Learning Programme or as stand alone qualifications as well.

If required, we have the flexibility to offer as early evening or weekend courses, as with all our other offerings.

Please contact 0141 648 8950 for further information.

Courses and qualifications include:

Commercial - Non Domestic

  • CODNCO1 - Change over core gas safety from Domestic to Commercial
  • CDGA1 - Commercial direct fired heating appliances
  • CIGA1 - Commercial indirect fired heating appliances
  • CORT1  -Commercial overhead radiant heaters
  • ICPN1 - Installation first fix commercial pipework
  • ICAE1 - Installation of commercial appliances
  • TPCP1A - Testing and direct purging of low-pressure commercial pipework not exceeding 1m3
  • TPCP1 - Testing and direct purging of commercial pipework exceeding 1m3 in volume up to 7 bar

Special Package price of £1,350.00 for CODNCO1, CDGA1, CIGA1, CORT1, ICPN1 and TPCP1A over 5 days


  • CODC1 - Change over core domestic to Core Commercial Catering
  • CCCN1 - Core Commercial Gas Safety
  • COMCAT1 - Boiling Burners
  • COMCAT2 - Water Boilers
  • COMCAT3 - Deep Fat & Pressure Fryers
  • COMCAT5 - Forced Draught Burner
  • COCATA1 - Change over Domestic to Commercial Appliance

Special Package price of £600.00 for CODC1 plus any 2 from the following: COMCAT1, COMCAT2, COMCAT3 or COMCAT5 over 4 days